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The Bartitsu Club-I.O.W

Dating from 1899, bartitsu was the invention of Englishman and martial artist, E.W Barton-Wright (1860-1951). It was conceived as a practical self defence against violent crime on the streets of Victorian England. The Bartitsu Club – Isle of Wight is committed to faithfully recreating bartitsu in it’s original Victorian flavour. Get fit the Victorian way with authentic warm up and fitness exercises from the Victorian and Edwardian era. Learn to fight like Sherlock Holmes with original bartitsu skills. Mentioned by Conan Doyle as the martial art of Sherlock Holmes, bartitsu consists of four especially adapted disciplines. These are defence with a walking cane, savate – a form of French kickboxing, old style British boxing and Japanese jiu-jitsu. Together, these disciplines form the martial art of bartitsu, a system of self defence explicitly developed to combat the multitude of thugs andĀ villainsĀ of Victorian England’s darkened city streets ! To find out more, read our About page.

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