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The Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture 2013

SoA gentlemen

The annual S.o.A, back in the U.K this year, was another great success according to those in attendance. Friendly and most informative, the annual bartitsu get-together will be back in the U.S.A next year as the event alternates across the Atlantic.

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Savate Drill on Film From 1898.

Savate or French kick-boxing is one of the four disciplines of bartitsu and this film clip must be one of the earliest ever to capture savate drill. Attributed to the world famous, pioneering film makers, the Lumiere brothers, the film shows what are believed to be French soldiers practising a ‘Four Point’ drill. The ‘Four Point’ drill in this instance consists of a series of manoeuvres performed in sequence that appear to involve advances, fist and foot strikes, before incorporating a turn. With each turn the moves are executed to a new direction in the same sequence.

Of interest to the Bartitsuka would be the ‘on guard’ posture of the arms, somewhat different from the British style of the time, and the kicks, which are mostly recognizable from known Canonical Bartitsu and familiar to any student of the modern bartitsu revival.

Film and historical information courtesy of The Bartitsu Society.

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Jujitsuffragettes in Training circa 1909-1913; On the Bartitsu Club-IOW’s Facebook Page.

A selection of photo’s believed to be rare images of suffragettes training in jiujitsu. Due to the frequency of attacks by disapproving men and arrest by police, a specialist bodyguard was formed by militant suffragists to defend speakers at public events. These photo’s are believed to capture suffragettes in training. The original Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture is believed to have introduced jujitsu to Britain and the western world and Edith Garrud, who is known to have trained suffragettes, learnt her skills from original Bartitsu Club instructors.


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Film of Jiujitsu From 1912.

Believed to have been filmed in Paris, this is one of the earliest jiujitsu demonstrations captured on film. The second half demonstrates very effectively how jiujitsu could be employed by a gentleman under assault in the street. According to the Bartitsu Society, one of the demonstrators is Taro Miyake, who once defeated original bartitsu club instructor Yukio Tani in 1905. After this, Miyake and Tani joined forces to fight music hall challenge matches. E.W Barton Wright, founder of the original bartitsu club, is believed to be the first to introduce jiujitsu to the western world.

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Time Shift, Series 12. Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting; The Rise of Martial Arts in Britain

The BBC4 documentary on the history of martial arts in Britain begins with bartitsu and the jujitsuffragettes.


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